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First Quarter Report

By cjphoenix
8/06/2015 3:40 am
We are already four weeks into the season, and there have been some great individual and team performances so far. There's still 12 more weeks of regular season action, so anything can happen. For now, here's a look at how the league stacks up after four weeks.

AFC West-Oakland(3-1), San Diego(3-1), Denver(1-3), Kansas City(1-3)
Oakland and San Diego have each raced out to 3-1 starts, sharing first place in the division. The Chargers have an agressive defense(9th in total yds allowed) and have benefited from a +6 turnover margin(2nd in the league). However, their lackluster offense(last in ypg) needs improvement if they want to keep up with the high powered offenses in the league. Speaking of high powered offenses, the Raiders have the third best passing attack led by star receiver Joseph Vitale, who's at or near the top of every receiving category averaging 26yds per catch and has already found the end zone five times this season(Tied for first). However, Oakland's pass defense isn't so hot(24th in total defense). On the other end, Denver and Kansas City will be looking to climb back into relevance.

AFC East-New Jersey(4-0), Miami(3-1), New England(3-1), Buffalo(0-4)
The Jets have cleared the runway and are flying high with a 4-0 record and the early division lead. Their biggest strength has been their 2nd ranked run defense. Combined that with the 5th best pass attack and you have an early front runner. Speaking of running, the Dolphins and Patriots boast top-10 rushing offenses as well as top-10 run defenses, including Pats running back Michael Williams, who's averaging just over 100ypg. Meanwhile, the hapless Bills played their first four games with ZERO cornerbacks. Now, with a new owner and CBs on their roster, the Bills look to dig themselves out of their 0-4 hole, but it may already be too late as they have already dropped a game to the Dolphins and still have five more division games to go.

AFC North-Cincinnati(3-1), Baltimore(3-1), Cleveland(1-3), Pittsburgh(1-3)
The Bengals and Ravens have established themselves as early front runners this season. Cincy boasts one of the league's strongest offenses, as they have the third most ypg as well as the most ppg in the AFC. However, they have also given up the third most points in the AFC and will need to fix that if they want to pull away from a Baltimore team that is 7th in total defense. As for Cleveland and Pittsburgh, they have some catching up to do.

AFC South-Houston(3-1), Jacksonville(2-2), Tennessee(2-2), Indianapolis(0-4)
The Texans currently have the AFC's best offense in terms of total ypg. They are led by a rushing attack that averages over 240ypg while giving up just under 70. RB Mario Reynolds leads the league in rushing yds(597). They have won three straight since losing to the Jaguars, who are 2-0 vs the division(0-2 outside the division), including a win over the Titans, who are 0-2 vs the division(2-0 outside the division). Bringing up the rear is an Indy team still searching for their first win behind veteran QB Kevin Miller, who is 4th in passing yds(1174).

NFC East-Washington(3-1), Dallas(2-2), New York(1-2-1), Philadelphia(1-3)
The Redskins and their 2nd ranked rushing attack look to try to run away with the NFC East title. They are led by speedster Robert Hagerty, who is 2nd in rushing yards(486) and is 1st in rushing TDs(8). However, his status is probable for the next five weeks as he has an ankle injury. Meanwhile, the Cowboys look to capitalize on a potential opportunity to take the lead in the division with their 5th ranked rushing attack, but will need to get better at passing the football(30th in passing ypg) if they intend to do so. Finally, the Giants and Eagles look to put an end to their two game losing streaks before they get out of hand.

NFC West-San Francisco(4-0), Arizona(3-1), Seattle(2-1-1), St. Louis(1-3)
In San Francisco, the 49ers secondary has been nightmarish to opposing QBs as they currently lead the league in intercepting passes(8). They are anchored by 3rd year corner Earl Rosen, who is tied for first in INTs(2) and tied for 4th in passes knocked down(8). Meanwhile, Arizona also poses a threat as early contenders as they have a top-10 offense and defense led by 23 year old running back Kyle Little, who's third in rushing yds(421), but is doubtful with a knee injury that will last eight weeks. Also, the Seahawks have won back to back games thanks to the league's 4th best run defense while the Rams have quickly fallen behind with their 0-3 division record.

NFC-Detroit(4-0), Green Bay(2-2), Chicago(2-2), Minnesota(1-3)
At this point in the season, the Lions have the scariest passing attack in the league, averaging an astronomical 542ypg. Rookie QB Brian Hall and 3rd year sensation John Nall combine for 2170yds and a 19/4 TD/INT ration. Green Bay and Chicago have been pretty average for the most part, except for GB's 6 INTs(T-4th) and Chicago's 8th best run defense, while Minnesota's 2nd best pass attack has been overshadowed by their league-worst pass defense.

NFC South-New Orleans(1-3), Atlanta(1-3), Carolina(1-3), Tampa Bay(1-3)
The NFC South is by far the weakest division of the year thus far as all four teams are 2 games under .500 and are a combined 1-9 outside of division games. It isn't all bad in this division however. The Saints and Bucs have top-5 pass defenses(1st and 4th respectively) while the Falcons have the 5th best run defense and the Panthers have 13 sacks on they year already(3rd in the league). This is by far the closest division in the league as all four teams share the same record, making it anyone's division to win.

Re: First Quarter Report

By Kenchi
8/06/2015 8:20 am
Very Nice!! Well done!

Re: First Quarter Report

By SunBlaze22
8/06/2015 9:06 am
Yeah, good job with this. Really detailed and in depth.